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About Us

“As an immigrant from the Philippines, Villarosa Smith fell in love with the United States morale and the work standards required for the garment industry. Her drive to keep her business in America stems from a belief to make this nation economically stronger, innovative and entrepreneurial.

Established in 1984 from the basement of her home in Washington state, she grew her business into a full contract service operation. Villarosa gained a reputation among novice fashion designers as the desired contact to help convert their sketches from product development to mass-production. As a result of teaming with her, a few of these designers grew in the clothing market to make millions. Villarosa has the technical backbone, sewing expertise and professionalism to bring vision to fruition.

Relocated to Nevada, Villarosa Smith is the sole owner of RHF Designs with the sister company, RHF Apparel. She is venturing into the creative side of clothing design while maintaining the structural integrity from her manufacturing foundation. The quality of her work proves to be evident of a fashion virtuoso.”

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